Using Testnet Faucets
Good to know: Faucets let you generate test tokens so you can, test things.
We currently have a couple of test faucets - one for FTST which is the equivalent of TST. And FUSDT - which is a bit like USDT.
You need these tokens to interact with the various stages, and help us test!
Right now, there is no official interface (website) to generate these so you need to get a bit mad scientist for the time being.
Get a bit creative
The faucets are really just ERC20 tokens with a mint function that's available to everyone. There are limits on how many tokens users can mint and how often.
In this example, and until we've got a dashboard to mint tokens, we will use etherscan to get our tokens!!

Get Minting

The addresses for the tokens are over here -> Contract Addresses. Once you've copied the address, head over to etherscan:
TESTNET Goerli (GTH) Blockchain Explorer
Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain Explorer
Goerli Testnet Etherscan
Please make sure you're on the Goerli TESTNET!
Next, paste the contract address for the token you want to mint into the search bar. It should look like this.
FUSDT in Etherscan
Next up, click the *Contract* link and then click Write Contract. You should see a page like this.
Things are looking cool
Next, you need to connect to your wallet. We'll assume you're using Metamask, because that's what we like to use. Click the "Connect to Web3" button - a popup will appear.
Make sure you're connected to the write wallet - double check the address.
You need Goerli ETH in your wallet to pay transaction fees. To get gETH, you should search Google for "goerli faucet". Come back when you've done this.
Now you're connected, you can click the *Mint* button. FUSDT is an ERC20 token with 6 decimal places, so if you want to mint 100 tokens, you need enter 100000000 in the field.
For bonus points, please have a look at the Read Contract section. You can see the maximums and back off periods in this section.
After entering a value and clicking "Write", Metamask should pop open. Check the details and then hit confirm.
Confirming the write action in metamask
Now you can import the tokens into your Metamask and check they've been deposited.
Importing tokens
Then enter the contract address on the following page and hit import. Your token should be listed and you should have few to spend!
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