What is The Standard?

🎉 Live on Ethereum mainnet 🚀
Good to know: The Standard is a decentralised finance (DeFi) protocol developing next generation stablecoins. Backed by real life assets, including Gold, The Standard's stablecoins will be less volatile and more secure than any coin on the market today. The initial bonding curve offering (IBCO) the first part of The Standard's rollout of stablecoins. Users will be able to swap their collateral for sEURO at a discounted rate, that decreases with volume. The smart vault is the flagship product of The Standard where users lock up tangible and digital assets as collateral to mint stablecoins, initially in the form of sEURO. This allows the generation of loans in a decentralized manner without any intermediaries.
The Standard Protocol has multiple use cases to expand its ecosystem:
  • Part 1 (Initial Curve Offering): Swap your own collateral for sEURO at a discounted rate
  • Part 2 (Liquidity Bonding): Bond your sEURO with USDC and earn interest in TST
  • Part 3 (TST Staking): Stake your TST and earn interest in sEURO
  • Part 4 (Borrowing): Lock up your collteral and take out an interest-free loan in sEURO
You can interact with The Standard Protocol via the dashboard or directly with our Solidity contracts using web3. You can find all our addresses here Addresses.


The dashboard for The Standard Protocol can be found here: https://app.thestandard.io/

Source Code

You can view our source code for the IBCO on GitHub: https://github.com/the-standard/ibco​


Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:
To interact with the IBCO outside of The Standard Dashboard: